Falling in Love with Three Different People

Falling in Love with Three Different People

Studies show that you can love three people in your lifetime and that each of those relationships will be different and can happen at different times and in different situations.  Each one serves a different purpose.

Your First Love

When you have your first love, it can be exciting.  It probably happens in high school and you meet someone in your youth.  They will make you have dreams and make you feel excited to be alive.  This will lead you to the idea that your first love will be with you forever and that you will marry them.  This kind of love will help us learn to see other people a certain way and will show us how to feel.

Your Second Love

Your second love is when there is a love that is harder than your first love.  This kind of love will teach you things and will teach you life lessons.  You will learn who you are, and this love will bring you pain and possibly anger.  You will hear lies and you will break up.  You will believe that this is love and that you are doing something differently, but you really aren’t.

This is a love that will teach you to grow up and will bring you pain and sadness.  This will show you what you need in your next relationship and what you want to avoid.

The love that you have will allow you to go through things so that you can see things from a different perspective in life.  You will see a different outcome and how the cycle ends.  You will be sad and angry and will feel heartbroken.

This love will show you what drama is, and you will hold on to that drama for a while.  This is the love that will make things focus on who people are and what they are about.  This love will be there, but it will not work out.

Your Third Love

The third love is a love that you, your partner or anyone around you expects to happen.  This is a love that will take the negative ideas that you had about love and they will change, and you will feel nothing but love.

This love will be the easiest love that you have had so far.  It will be happy and not complicated.  This love will not be like your past loves.

Your third love is an important love, and this is why:

  • It is a love that no one expected would happen.
  • It is a love that will show you what real love really is.
  • This love will show you what love looks like.
  • This love will teach you to feel happy.
  • This love will teach you to give love to others.


Even though you will experience love three times, this happens because you might not be ready for love the first two times.  When this happens, you will experience it again until it is right.  Appreciate this love and let it flow.

If you have ideal love or are broken hearted, this love will be perfect, and you will have this at least once in your lifetime. This is not a required thing, it just seems to be a pattern for most people.

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