Leaving Someone You Cannot Be With

Leaving Someone You Cannot Be With

Have you thought about dating someone and imagined your life with them but for some reason or another, you know that you cannot be with the person? Maybe they don’t feel the same for you or maybe they are committed in another relationship.

You made the decision to let this person go and even though it is hard, you have to move forward. Here are some ways to completely detach from this person and move on:

Making a Statement

You might be someone that wants to make a scene and want to make him feel bad for not picking you but do not be that person. Learn to move on without saying “in your face” and hold your head up high.

Do not let him know that he affected you in any way.

Moving On

Do not think that you will have a conversation with him and then you will have closure. No matter what you say to him, you will still be hurting. Just go away from him and be done with him and this is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Torturing Yourself

When you hold on to him and you allow him to keep hurting you, without hurting you, then you are the one suffering.

Stop thinking about him and stop letting him have ah old on you. Move on and get him out of your mind.


Stop following him on social media and looking at his pictures and relationship status. Stop going to places he frequents in hopes of running into him. Move on.

Checking Posts

Stop looking at his social media and seeing what other people are saying to him or if girls are flirting with him. This can be hurtful for you and you need to unfollow him and move on.


You need to stop talking about him and find other things to talk about. Find someone new and get over him.


Ask your friends to not bring him up and if they talk about him, tell them you want to not talk about him anymore. Let them give you time to get over him.

No Contact

Choose to have no contact with him for at least a few months. This can help your heart to heal and help you to stay away from him and to hurt even more.

Choose to go places that he will not be at and avoid him at all costs.

Do Not Let Him Contact You

No matter what, do not let him talk to you or contact you. If he tells you he misses you, do not answer. Do not give into his ego and learn to ignore him.

Give Yourself Time

Allow yourself to grieve and give yourself time to heal. Healing takes time and we all need time when we go through something so hard. Keep pushing forward and know that you are doing the right thing.

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