What is Intuition and Where Do We Get It?

Do you wonder where intuition comes from and how to make it stronger? Do you trust your gut feeling and go with it?

Understanding Intuition

Intuition is more than a sixth sense or a feeling. Intuition is there to guide you and it helps you to connect with your higher being and even your spirit guides. Everyone has intuition but not everyone uses it. Here are some ways intuition helps you:

  • To not trust someone dangerous.
  • To dream of things before they happen.
  • To know what someone is feeling.
  • To be guided.
  • To be inspired.
  • To see visions.
  • To see auras.

Intuition can guide you with decisions that you have to make each and every day. It can even guide you on what gifts to buy, what to bring to a party and what school to send your kids to. Once you learn to increase your intuition you will have more mental clarity, more joy and less anxiety.

Intuition can guide you in even the little things like what to wear.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is deeper than your physical self. It is a place that you can be supported and a place where you can trust that you are being guided wisely. Here are some ways you can connect with yourself and others through intuition.

Higher Being

Your higher being is your inner self. This is where you have wisdom and love. This is what you need to know your purpose and to guide you in everything you do. Once you connect with your higher self you can be aware of what you should do.

Spiritual Guides

Your guides are there to help you when you don’t know what to do or where to turn. They love you and they will support and guide you. They work through your feelings and thoughts to give you answers. Here are some things about your spirit guides:

  • There are guides that are main guides and have been there for life and some come for a little while.
  • Guides will help you with all areas of your life.
  • They come in and out of your life.
  • You can ask a guide that has a certain skill to help you.
  • Sometimes your guides are angels or loved ones.

How to Increase Your Own Intuition

There are ways that you can increase your intuition and here is how:


You can ask your guides to guide you and to give you answers. This is easy and you need to make it a habit to ask for help.

Raise Your Frequency

Positive vibrations bring positivity to your life. Raise your vibrations by doing something creative or something that makes you smile.


Meditating can help you to increase your intuition and help you to learn to relax and listen.

Trusting Your Intuition

Your intuition is there to guide you and to help you. When you get a good feeling, do that thing that gives you that feeling. When you don’t have a good feeling about something, deny it.

This is one way that you will learn to trust your intuition and let it guide you so that you can live a good and safe life.

Final Thoughts

Your intuition is there to guide you and you can use this to help you reach your higher self and your spirit guides. Remember that your guides are there to guide you and protect you from problems.

Don’t listen to your logic but learn to listen to your inner being and to trust yourself. Don’t get upset when you need to ask for advise but do this often so you can make a deep connection with your guides.

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