Discovering Yourself

Discovering Yourself

Self-discovery is finding out who you are and what you want to do in your life. If you have ever been told, “go find yourself,” this is what that means. This is a process of finding out who you are and getting to know yourself. This can be a deep observation that you make to find out your purpose and your goals. It can show you what challenges you have faced and what you need to do to fix things.

You need to be honest and find out your personality, values, and beliefs as you explore yourself and who you are. Some people are intuitive and can do this on their own but if you need help, you can talk to an advisor or a psychic to help you through this. The things that are going on in your life will be revealed as you get to know who you are.

Finding Your Real You

It can be hard to find out who you are when you are always living up to what everyone else wants you to be. Instead of facing the challenges, people often just give in to things and they make choices based on limitations. They have feelings that they are not worthy, and they allow people in their life to hurt them by what they say to them or how they treat them.

Discovering yourself means that you have to take the things that everyone else has said to you and find out really who you are. Stop listening to just what people say and seek out your own sense and discover who you really are. Find the real you. Rediscover your real identity and how you respond to things in your life.

Your journey is one that will last forever, and it will be there to help you to show yourself who you are and your true and authentic self.

Being Aware

Being aware is different than discovering who you are. As you are finding yourself, you will be more aware of who you are, and you have to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses and the things that have held you back. If you have things that trigger you, you need to find out why and look at the deep issues.

Everyone is aware in some sense and being aware can develop as you learn about who you are as a person.

Self-awareness happens when you experience who you are, and you look at your external environment. It is a time that you choose to grow and understand who you are. As you develop, you will see that you can get rid of things that are holding you back and that are taking away your peace. You can see that the advice that someone has given you might not be the things that were best for you. As you understand that you aren’t who someone tells you that you are, you can put your ego in a place that is understanding and manageable. 

Self-awareness comes as a social thing, and you have to understand your emotional experiences as well as everything else you have been through. Being aware allows you to develop yourself and to experience more things about who you are emotionally and what needs you have. As you exchange socially with others, you can see that this reflects who you are.

There are different layers that you need to work through and as you go through that journey you can get where you need to be. Talk to a counselor or a therapist to help you through these things and to bring clarity to your mind.


As you grow and change and find out who you are, you will see that you can exist in a real way. You might feel that you only exist as you validate others, but this isn’t true. Spend your life growing and finding out who you are. Be curious about yourself.

You are meant to grow and to find out more about yourself. Find out what you like and what your aspirations are. Make a purpose to change your thinking and to find what motivates you.

Benefits of Discovering Who You Are

As you find out who you are and you discover yourself, you will see that this will help you with your needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs say that you need basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, safety and more and that there are other needs that you have such as building your self-esteem and being positive.

Bad Behaviors

Look at the things that you do that cause you to be held back in your life. These are behaviors that you do to sabotage your happiness. This can cause you to miss out on having your needs met.

Psychological Safety

If you have some kind of trauma in your life, one of the needs that you have of feeling safe is not there. You have to discover how you can grow and how you can meet this need in a positive way.


Your relationships with yourself and others can improve as you learn to find out who you are and what you need. Getting to know the real you is important and will help you feel that you aren’t alone. You will see that you can build your self-confidence and discover who you are as you base your energies on what is inside of you.


You can manifest things in your life that are good as you discover what you need and what you want. You will see that you are worthy of having things that are good and then you can use the Law of Attraction to get what you want and what you need.

Life Purpose

Doing self-discovery can help you to find your life purpose. You have things that you are passionate about and you can find them, and you can make changes that can create a place that you can go to help build your life and to be better.

Starting Your Own Journey

Once you are ready to start understanding yourself more, you can find a friend or a counselor that you can talk to. They can guide you through your life and you can start by journaling your feelings and your thoughts.  This can help you to understand your character and your own person better.

Talking to a Psychic

There are many psychics that you can find that can help you to discover who you are and to walk through this journey within you. There are programs that are created online that can help you to discover yourself and to understand who you are and what you need. Talk to a psychic whenever you feel that you need to do this. 

Finding Who You Are

You can ask yourself “Who am I,” or “What do I need from life?” As you ask these things, meditate on them, and see what you can do to figure this out. Journal your feelings and start by asking yourself things like:

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • If you could change your past, what would you change?
  • What makes you feel better when things are hard?
  • What areas in your life need to be improved?
  • What would a book be titled if you wrote it?
  • How do you see yourself now, in five years or in 10 years?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What makes you want change?
  • What makes your mood better?
  • What makes you feel complete?
  • What makes you feel successful?
  • What makes you feel happy?
  • What are you concerned about in your life?
  • How do you forgive others?
  • What brings fulfillment for you?
  • What do you want to tell your future self?
  • What is your soul telling you?
  • What are you focusing on?
  • Are you focusing on what you want or just what you need?
  • Are you comfortable with who you are?
  • Are you focusing on the now, the past or the future?
  • How can you reach your goals?

If you can’t answer one question, skip it, and come back to it. Use crystals as you do this to help you meditate on the questions. Process the question as long as you need to and then take a few days to answer them and then come back to them and read them again.

Wheel of Life

This is how you can look at your life and the things that you need to pay attention to. Are you happy? What is holding you back?  Consider each thing in your life and if you are lacking something, g write it down. 

Don’t judge yourself and don’t hold something over your head that isn’t where you want it to be. Take time to find out what you need and how you can resolve it. If you feel disappointed or blaming, use a crystal and say to yourself, “thank you for letting me know which area I need to work on and I love myself and have no judgement.”


Make a list of the goals that you want to achieve in your life. It can be romantic, financial, physical or anything that you want or need.

Ask yourself these things:

  • Will my goal make me happy?
  • Will my goal make me want more?
  • Is my goal going to make me successful?
  • Is my goal for me or someone else?

Set SMART goals:

  • S: Specific.
  • M: Measurable.
  • A: Accessible.
  • R: Realistic.
  • T: Timely.

Once you set your goals you can give yourself enough time to accomplish them. Do this for the first couple of months and then see where you are. You can even set weekly or daily goals.

Visualize Success

Now is the time to look at your goals and to meditate on them. Imagine what would happen if all of your goals were met and you were sitting there on this journey in your life with all of it in your hands.

Mediate on this and see what motivates you. Ask yourself this:

  • How will I feel when I reach my goal?
  • What will reaching my goal look like?
  • How will people act when they see my changes?

Write these things down in your journal and if you feel discouraged, go back to the beginning, and calm down.

Overcoming Problems and Challenges

Everything has challenges and problems when we are doing things to better ourself. Take time to reflect on what is in front of you and to see the challenges that you might face. You can overcome them:

  • Are you trusting yourself?  Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves, and you have to find a way to trust yourself more. 
  • Are you running from who you are? Some people will set goals, but they will do what they can to escape themselves and what they need.
  • Do you have enough time to reach your goals? Don’t set goals that you don’t have enough time to reach. This can be a huge challenge and problem to make you not reach your goals.
  • What is supporting your goals? What have you set in place to bring support to the goals that you have set?  

Write down the things that can limit your beliefs and make sure that you are putting challenges and roadblocks in your journal that might be holding you back from reaching your goals.

Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations can build your self-esteem and help you to love yourself more. You should treat yourself like you would a best friend and stop being so hard on yourself. As you punish yourself for the things that you have messed up on, you are causing yourself to feel like a failure.

You need to break the habit of doing this and here is how you can do that:

  • Repeat to yourself what you are doing and what made you set the goals that you set. Find a way to make a change that will bring peace.
  • Reward yourself when you do something good. Go out and have fun and be happy with your small steps.
  • Be positive and say positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations to Say

Here are some of the positive affirmations that you can use:

  • I have what I need to reach my goals.
  • The universe loves me.
  • I am open for new things.
  • I am guided by my highest good.
  • I am worthy.
  • I deserve to be happy.
  • I attract good relationships.
  • I am ready for newness.

Say these each day when you wake up and before you go to bed.


Use the Wheel of Abundance to help you get what you want. Here are the parts of it:

  • Declare: Say positive things such as “I am loved,” or “I am successful.”
  • Ask: Ask what you need to do from the universe to reach your goals.
  • Risks: Take risks that are necessary to have a better life.
  • Be thankful: Be thankful for the things that you already have and the things that you are accomplishing.


Look at the goals that you have set and see which ones you have reached. Be thankful for your goals and the challenges that you faced. Be happy about the small things that you have accomplished. Write down your progress and keep your goals in mind as you do.

Not Completing Goals

Even if you didn’t complete your goals, this is okay. What challenges stood in your way from reaching them? Be positive with yourself even when you failed and don’t think that everyone reaches their goals all the time. You can reach your goals both big and small, but you need the support and love from yourself and others to do that. Don’t be discouraged and give up.

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