Intuition is Talking

How to Know Your Intuition is Talking

Listening to your intuition or following your gut is something that almost everyone has heard at least once in their life. Even if you are confused about what intuition is, chances are that you understand a gut feeling.

Everyone has a different experience when it has to do with having a gut feeling, while some might hear a voice, others just have a feeling.

Why Is Intuition Important?

Having intuition is very important because it can help you to make good decisions. This is part of your thoughts both conscious and subconscious. Your brain works with your instincts to give you a feeling both negative and positive, depending on the situation.

Intuition is the things that you know in your self without there being any real reasons or logic behind it. As you learn to listen and trust yourself, you will see that you can rely on your intuition to guide you and to lead you.

When you are in situations that are scary or dangerous, your intuition will help you to make good decisions about the situation. This can also work when you meet someone. You might feel that they are a good or bad person based on your intuition.

Signs of Hearing Your Intuition

How do you know that your intuition is talking to you and that you are hearing it? Here are some things that might happen when your intuition speaks:

Feeling Worried About a Situation

Your intuition can make you feel peaceful, or it can make you feel stressed. When you feel worried or scared, you might feel things in your stomach. This can feel like butterflies.

If you feel butterflies, this can mean that your intuition is trying to guide you.

Repeating Thoughts and Ideas

As you get excited when you think of something or if something keeps repeating in your mind, this can be something your intuition is trying to get you to do. This can be something from taking a different job to doing something that you love.

You Have a Clear Mind

Your intuition is there to help you and you will be able to listen to it better once you slow down and you listen. Allow your brain to slow down and do something like meditate or go for a walk-in nature.

You might get a strong idea or a strong thought but even if it isn’t something strong, know that relaxing can help you to hear your intuition better.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is one way that your intuition can talk to you. This is a way that your higher self can guide you because you are relaxed and sleeping.

People that have detailed dreams are often getting messages from their intuition. This can be a dream that tells you to do something or to try something new.

You Feel Good for No Reason

Intuition does not fit with logic. It happens because you have a feeling, and you go with it. You might have no idea why you even have the feeling, but you just know it is right.

Your intuition is not something that is going to be logical for you. This is a time where you have to decide if you are going to listen to your intuition or you are going to try to be logical or listen to your ego.

Even if there are people around you that think you are making poor decisions, you need to listen to what is guiding you the strongest.

There are some signs that your intuition is trying to talk to you and so you need to try and be mindful and open when you have these things happen:

  • You feel worried about a decision you need to make.
  • You keep having the same dreams or thoughts.
  • You have a clear mind when you make a decision.
  • You are dreaming vivid or lucid dreams.
  • You believe in the choices that you are making even if there is no logic in it.

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