Find Someone Who Understands Love as Reality

Stay Single until You Find Someone Who Understands Love as Reality

Though some people will not want to hear it, love is not an express lane to happily ever after. There is no magical land of love in which everyone gets along all the time. This land of people never behaving in a nasty manner to one another or couples are protected from the world, does not exist. Even though that is fantasy, it is okay. We do not need a fairytale ending, but a partner who understands that love is work and will be tough, but they want to dive in anyway. You need someone who will wade through the darkest nights alongside you and admit that they have been wrong about things along the way as well. Relationship pains and problems will exist no matter how much you love each other, how much money or success you have, or how much fun you enjoy. You may even reach many milestones together, but tough times will still arise. These are often at the least expected times meaning that love is not always going to be fun. Even if you are totally compatible and totally wowed with one another, love is far from a breeze.

There will be days that you wake up and feel horrible for no reason and this leads to a bitter, grumpy day that may not demonstrate the love that is buried deep inside. You may face a crisis that tears at your relationship, but this does not mean it is not love. You and your partner will occasionally fail one another. The thing is, all the pain you cause one another is rooted in something beautiful at a deep level. This is because when you love someone, you are vulnerable to them and in relation, empower them to make you miserable. The more you hold the connection dear, the more it hurts when it unravels in some way. The good news is that around the corner from every heartbreak is renewed strength if you are committed to learning from mistakes. Take time to assess what went wrong and do what it takes to make things right and you will be fine in your relationship. View each misstep as an opportunity to learn and grow as you move forward together.

The moral is that you must expect troubles in every loving relationship. The more prepared you are for the reality that is a loving relationship, the better your position will be when they issues do arise. A relationship is about love, but also about fighting, making up, and healing as you learn and grow together. This is why it is so important to stay single until you find someone who understands it is not all about passion and roses, but about life, growth, love, and caring for one another. Some people never get to this point, but those who understand the depths of love and relationships can make things work for the long haul. This is not because they are perfect, but because they are willing to make mistakes, fight, yell, and then work on rebuilding. If you are still single, keep looking, the right person will show up. Once you have that person, keep working to make it last.

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