Hopeless in Your Relationship

Feeling Hopeless in Your Relationship and What to Do to Feel Better

Everyone has times where life seems hopeless and if you are feeling hopeless in a relationship, you often wonder if that means that the relationship is over or that you are not going to survive in life.

Hopelessness comes when you are struggling and when you start feeling like strange things or red flags are coming into the relationship. These feelings of hopelessness can cause you to feel sad and stressed and it can cause you to be emotionally overwhelmed. Not only does hopelessness affect your emotions, but it can also cause you to feel sick in your body. It is important that you are healthy and the feelings that we have can cause us to no longer be healthy in our mind, body and soul.

Being hopeless does not mean that your life is over and that you are doomed to be alone but there are things you can do to survive this and make it through this rough patch in life.

How to Survive

Being in this emotional state can be scary. You might feel like you have tried and tried and nothing that you can do can make things better. The conflict that you are having can be something that you have tried to fix but never seem to get anywhere in life.

Maybe you have talked to people or maybe you have read books on how to get over your heartbreak.

If you are dealing with negative feelings, here are some things you can do to feel better in your life:

Regulate Your Life

You have to get back to what you are used to doing in your life. Learn to comfort yourself and to be helpful in the world around you. Respond in ways that show others how positive you are.

If you are talking to your partner and you are being thoughtful and nice, but they are responding negatively, let them but do not fall into that trap. Pay attention to how you are talking to your partner and make sure that you are not blaming or criticizing them.

Be Kind

Even if you are angry or hurting, you have to learn to look past your hurt and be kind. This is a hard thing to do when you are hurt, and you are scared.

When you blame your partner and you have conflict, this does not make things better and it can only cause the situation to be worse.

Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable is okay. You can tell your partner how you are feeling and that you are hurt. Tell them that you have feelings and that you need them to help you to feel better.

Being vulnerable is not always a bad thing. Sometimes life is challenging and when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you allow your partner to see the real you.

Be Unstuck

Stop being stuck in life. Practice doing things for yourself that make you a better person. Go out and do things differently in your life and do not let sadness or pain hold you back.

Make things better and if you need to seek help outside of your relationship such as a counselor or a therapist, do that. Get guidance and allow them to help you to be better.

Talk kindly to your partner and be vulnerable to them. Start responding and communicating with each other. This is hard and it can be trying, but it is something that can work out.

Once you really begin to communicate and open up with your partner, that is the chance that you can reach each other and find out if the relationship still has hope left.

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