Chasing Love

Chasing Love

Most people feel that chasing someone is the biggest part of finding love.  They feel that if they play hard to get that they will find someone to fall madly in love with them and chase them.  The problem is that is not real love.

Some love the chase while others think the chase is pointless and dull.  Some feel that it brings on manifestations of insecurity and mistrust.  Some feel that it causes there to be more problems in the future.


When people are playing games, they might come to the point where they realize that they are tired of chasing.  They might not ever be able to make the person like them and if they do, they might realize that they did not really win a prize.

When you play with love, you will continue to play and eventually you will run out of time.

Playing the game takes a lot of time and people will constantly be trying to convince you to be in love.  This is never going to make you like them or them to like you.

All it will do is to cause you to be drained emotionally and will cause you to keep feeling challenged but never winning.

Besides that, if you do catch this person and convince them to like you, do you want them to be with you after all of the strong emotions that they caused you?

Do you want to date someone that did not see you as the amazing person that you are, right from the beginning?  Don’t you think you deserved better than that?

You don’t want to date someone that makes you feel less than you are.  You deserve someone that will treat you like a queen or a king and will support you.  You need to find someone that sees value in who you are.


The person that wants to be chased will have to give up their heart and learn to be vulnerable.  They will have to let their guard down and allow someone to get in.  They will have to show emotions and accept emotion from other people.

It is easier to sit back and allow someone else to chase you but the truth is that if they have real feelings for you, they will avoid hurting you and that is the best part of being in a real relationship.

The truth is though, when you have your guard up, you will not allow people to come in.  You have to be vulnerable in order to open up to other and to allow love to filter to you.

Stop putting up walls if you want to meet someone to love you.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone else and imagine what it would be like to have feelings for someone that is always chasing you.  Imagine how it feels to be rejected all the time.

It would be horrible to have those feelings and when you put other people through those feelings, you are treating them the same and being very selfish.

Real Love

Everyone who is doing the chase game is not really searching for love.  They want to see if they can make their partner bend and to chase them back.

The person that is chasing them wants to take the other person serious and at the end of the day, neither party is happy or fulfilled.

When the person is being chased, they will be like a trophy to that person. The chaser will eventually win and when they do, they will get bored with him or her and move on to the next person.

The chaser will be nothing more than a pawn that can be used by the person they are chasing to get whatever they want.  This will allow their life to be convenient and the chaser will just be hurt in the end.

Love is not a game and it cannot be won.  If you fall in love with someone, you need to fall in love with the real them and not just with the game of chase.


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