Knowing You Have a Special Psychic Message

Knowing You Have a Special Psychic Message

Your intuition is there to guide you in both small things and in big things. Intuition can help you to know if someone is lying to you or it can keep you from making a mistake that can cost you your life.

You have to learn to trust and recognize your intuition and your sixth sense because it is there to help you to know when danger is coming.

Intuitive messages are there to let you know if something is wrong in your body. If you feel that something is wrong, go and see a doctor right away so that they can make sure that you don’t have a deadly sickness or disease. When you learn to listen, you will pick up information and important psychic messages that can help you.

How to Know Your Messages

There are ways that you can know if your psychic message is important or not:


If your message is repeating over and over in your mind or in your heart, you need to listen. Stop ignoring it. If your body is telling you to see a doctor, go right away and don’t wait.

If you have a dream that repeats, listen to the dream and pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.

Stands Out

A message that is important will stand out to you. This message will seem different, and you will get the feeling that you need to listen to it. A person that is clairvoyant will often get messages that are stronger than other messages that they hear, and they are harder to ignore.


Some people think that fear is all bad but that is not true. Sometimes we fear things because they are signs that we need to listen.

Fear can be a sign and part of your intuition that tells you that you are in danger of some kind. Listen to what your signs are telling you and pay attention to the message now.

Close Messages

When you get a message or you are clairaudient, it can mean that it sounds like the voice is close to you. This can happen when the message is important and when your guides want you to pay attention to the message.

You Just Know

Some people will get messages and they will just know that the message is important. This can be a dream or a feeling that you have.

What Happens When an Urgent Message Comes?

When an urgent message comes, do something about it. Make sure that you listen to the message, and you change your situation in your life.

Know What to Do

An urgent message will help to keep you from getting into dangerous situations. Listen to the message and know when you need to take action.

If you feel that something bad is about to happen, listen to your intuition and take the action that you need to be safe.


Meditate and quiet your mind so that you can listen to the best advice. This can help you to know what you should do next or if you should make a move.

Ask for Clarity

You can talk to your guides and ask them for information. If you get a message from your guides and you don’t know what it means, ask your guides to interpret it for you.

You can even ask them to give you the answer within so many minutes so that you know what to expect.

This can happen and someone can say something to you, or you might see a sign or something that tells you exactly what the message is.

Once you get clarity, you need to act on the situation.

Trust Yourself

The message that you get will only help you if you act on it. Once you get the information, do whatever it takes to make it right. Open your mind and your heart and learn to trust your messages.

Be brave and discern the information so that you can know that it will help you to do better and to live a safer and happier life.

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