Get Him Chasing You

Signs a Guy Wants Chased and how to Get Him Chasing You

Everybody likes feeling wanted and there is no better way to create this feeling than when someone you like is chasing you. It has been a longstanding, unwritten rule, that the guy do the chasing, but for those in this century, it is okay for women to do the chasing as well. If you like someone, let them know and see how things turn out. As it turns out, there are signs that a guy wants you to chase him and these are shared below.

He Pulls Away, but Never Fully

The best way to let someone know you are interested is to drop a few hints and then back away, but not completely. If a guy knows about this form of seduction, this will be one way he lets you know he wants chased. This may come from flirting across the room, but never doing more about it. He may even flirt and leave an empty seat beside him as a silent invitation to come and converse. This is done because guys may not want to face rejection or are generally nervous. When dealing with a guy like this, give him a bit of time to compose himself without expressing feelings. He will open up when he is ready, but you still know he is interested.

Pulling Away Fails, So He Re-engages

It can be easy to misread the actions of others and that can be the case when a guy drops some hints and pulls away. You may misread the hints or miss them completely. For example, you may go out and have drinks, talk, have fun, but then he does not contact you at all. To a woman, this means he does not want you for whatever reason. The truth may actually be that he went silent so you would chase him. If he is interested and noticed you did not reach out, he will re-engage which means you should chase him. If he does not re-engage, he really was not interested.

Shows Interest Then Pulls Away

Imagine meeting a cute guy and liking him. He calls and texts all day so you have a serious crush. Suddenly, he backs off. This makes you want to chase him, which is his strategy. For guys that know how to do this, it is effective, but make sure to be tactical in using it because it can be a major turnoff. You should not back off completely because she will be scared off, just enough to allow her to chase you.

Pulls Away After a Good Time

One of the top strategies to get someone to chase you is to make sure they have you on the mind. Create sweet memories for them like doing stupid but funny things together. If you did something super memorable and then he pulls away, you will end up more interested and chasing him. He got you interested and he wants to spend time with you, but he wants you to believe it is your idea. He may also pull back a bit to see if the feeling is mutual or not. If you genuinely like him, ask him out and see what happens.

Playing Hard to Get, but Easily Jealous

Most women have mastered the art of seduction and how to play hard to get, but this game has lost its appeal in the past few years, especially if you let it continue too long. If a guy plays hard to get but gets jealous when other guys hit on you, then he likes you and wants you to chase him.


For the most part, guys like to do the chasing, but sometimes, reversing the roles is called for. If the guy is shy or feels you are out of his league, he may want you to do the chasing. As a lady, you need to keep to the following rules as a chaser:

  • Build his confidence and encourage him
  • Do not unleash yourself fully on him
  • Do not appear too desperate
  • Do not push the what are we talk too soon
  • Do not ignore the signs he wants to be chased.

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