What Happens When You Are Pushed Away?

What Happens When You Are Pushed Away?

Here are some things that can happen if he pushes you away in the relationship:

Being Perfect for You

She might be someone that is loving and committed to you and she does what she can to show you her love. She hoped that you would help her to be the best that she can be and that you would meet the expectations that she had for you.

She wanted to be perfect for you and she worked on the things that were flawed in her life. No matter how hard life was, she always wanted to do better things for you.

Being There for You

She wasn’t someone that was clingy or wanted to be with you all the time, but she always thought of you. She didn’t set expectations that were too hard and nothing you could offer her wouldn’t make her smile. She was ready to be all yours.

She wanted to be a part of your life and she wanted to be someone that you loved and someone that would be there for her no matter what.

She was selfless and she gave all of her heart to her.

She Wanted Love

She wanted to share her heart with you, and she chose you over everyone else in her life. She wanted to kiss you and make love to you. She wanted to be there when you were sad or mad and she wanted to listen to you and help you.

She was the person for you, but you were never there for her and you never knew what she really felt.

She Knew Your Flaws but Loved Your Strengths

She never wanted you to be perfect. She wanted you to be who you were, and she accepted all things about you.

She was never blind by the things you were bad at and she always made over your strengths. She would have been with you now, but she isn’t.

She Won’t Hate You

Any other girl in your life would hate you from the way you treated her. But no matter what you did wrong, she loved you. No matter how much you made her feel that she wasn’t worthy of you, she still will never hate you.

You Pushed Her Away

She was a great person for you, and she cared about you more than anyone ever has. She wanted to stay with you, but you chose to give her no reason to stay.

She never wanted to bring herself down, but she wanted to lift you up.

Later you will see that she gave you everything she had, and you never did anything in return to keep her. You took care of yourself and you gave up on her loving you.

She left you and it was because you pushed her way. You did this because you never told her how much you loved her, and you never made an effort to show her that you cared.

No Excuses

There is no excuse for how you treated her. You can only blame yourself. This was a perfect girl for you, and you hurt her.

You never gave her the care she deserved and even though she wanted to be close to you, you never would make space for her.

One of a Kind

She was the perfect girl for you, and you let her leave you. You never appreciated her, and you now have lost her.

When you showed her that she had no where to be in your life, she left and walked away. Don’t blame her because she wanted to stay.

A girl like her will never come back in your life. Don’t worry, she would have stayed with you forever, but you broke her heart and you pushed her out of your life.

She wanted someone that would value her and treat her the way she deserved but you will never find a girl like her ever again. She was there this one time and you missed it.

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