Relationships that Don’t Work Out

Relationships that Don’t Work Out

No one every forgets about their passionate fling or relationship that is true passion and happiness.  The truth is that this cannot consume your life and your soul and even though it feels like the type of relationship that you have always wanted, you didn’t know that your heart was jaded and that this relationship wouldn’t be the one either.

You say you love someone and you stay with them for a few days, playing the relationship game and then when you are with your friends, you talk about how happy they are and how they are the one for you.

The truth is that this type of passionate relationship will most likely never work out and here are the reasons why:


One thing that makes a relationship so passionate is that a hookup can only be experienced to be so passionate once or twice in our lives.  This type of hookup leaves us feeling so different and it makes us feel positive about who we are and gives us a deep-rooted connection.

When dating apps are being used, if you are lucky enough to have someone to date that isn’t just a first or second date then this is not just a relationship, it is one that has passion and one that can take many levels.  Since it takes so long to find this type of relationship, there is more value on it and the connection is rare and this is not always good.

Begins on a High

Having a passionate relationship is something that makes us get carried away.  It is hard to rush into loving someone and when you are with them for a few weeks but haven’t really known each other for that long then this can be something that ends up not working out.

Sooner or later, there will be a feeling where the high is gone.  When this fade, it can cause you to have a relationship with nothing built on and it can end faster than it started.

Swallows You

When you are in a relationship that is passionate, it can take over your life.  It can take all of your time and make you question your priorities.  If you find that you are losing passion in other things such as work and doing things with other, then this is not healthy.  You will get too attached to someone and maybe even lose your friends along the way.  When you break up this will be bad.

Like a Drug

The more passionate the relationship the more it is harder to lose them.  Being in love brings about a passionate feeling and a chemical makeup in your mind and causes you to be attracted to the person.  This is called the honeymoon stage and as soon as its over, it can be a crash ending.  This can end after a breakup and hurt you more than your other relationships because you love the feelings that they gave you.

They can be like an addiction and when you have to quit them, it can cause you to be upset and not to trust other people to date.


Once you hit reality and you see who the person really is, or you don’t get to know them, reality will set in.  When their lifestyle and habits began to annoy you, you will see that the passion wears off and there will be a struggle.

The ingredient is to find love that will last and to make sure that you are compatible with the person that you are spending your time with.  If you two do not work out, then this can be a problem because of your attachment to them.


Having strong chemistry can cause you to think that you are compatible with the person and that you are connected to them.  You will want to be emotionally connected as well as physically connected.

You cannot be with someone that you have no idea who they are.  When you are in a long-term relationship with someone, the routines change, and things lose their passion.

Relationship Goals

When you are in a passion filled relationship that is consuming you, you forget what you want out of a partner.  It doesn’t take long for you to lose value in your relationships and to compromise what you are really looking for.  You might even lose your goals of what you want in a family such as marriage or kids.  Find someone that is on the same page as you.

Red Flags

When you feel good in a relationship you tend to justify what happens and ignore the red flags.  Things are not perfect, and you have to be able to see other people and their flaws.  There will be warning signs and things that come to mind that you choose to ignore, and this is a bad balance for you.


Fights are bad when the passion in the relationship begins to fade.  These emotions can come and be stronger than other emotions that you have.  They can leave you feeling upset and nervous and having feelings that you had no idea that you even had.

These emotions can cause you to feel bad about who you are and ashamed of things that you say.  You cannot always wear your heart on your sleeve and sometimes when you text things in anger you will have an effect that will cause you to be frustrated.

Being Crazy

These types of relationships can cause you to feel jealous over other people.  This person should give you no reason to be jealous and you should always be comfortable with who you are.  When you hook up with someone, it can cause you to be territorial and to have jealousy that is out of character for you.

You might find yourself questioning what they are doing and wanting to look through their things.  Remember that jealousy usually happens for a reason.

Unconditional Love

When you love someone unconditionally then it is a normal relationship.  This is a grounded relationship that is not all about passion, but it is about respect and love.  Once the honeymoon stage passes and you notice that people you are with have flaws and shortcomings, this can be a struggle to make it through.

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