Being a Friend and a Lover

What is the Best and Worst Part of Being a Friend and a Lover?

When you have friends, these people always accept you no matter how upset or how happy you are. They love you when you are crazy, and they love you and understand you even when other people don’t.

Having real friends is hard to find and when you start to get emotional and attached to someone that is your friend, this is something that is common.

Many of the best relationships start from friendships and even though there are pros and cons in going from a friendship to a relationship, you need to consider what you want before you go for it.

Pros of Friend to Lover

One of the biggest pros is that this person has seen you when you were at your best and at your worse. They love you no matter what you do. They know what you are good at and what you don’t handle well, and they have unconditional love for you.

Same Friends

You will never have to worry about trying to fit in with people because you have the same friends. The only thing that will happen is that they might tease you for being together here and there.

Feeling Weird

Feeling weird on a first date with them will never happen because you have been out together a million times. You won’t have to be nervous on your first date.

Impressing Them

You will not have to go out of your way to impress this person because they already know about you. They know everything about you, and they even know what you are going to say.

There is no pressure for a first impression.

Knowing Their People

Most likely you will already know their people such as their other friends and their family and so it will not be some strange introduction.

Cons of Friend to Lover

You will not have a chance to go through the honeymoon phase which is the easiest part of the dating time because you will already have gotten to know them.

Breaking Up and Friends

If you do date your friend and you break up with each other, it might be awkward when you go out with other people that used to be in your group. This could affect all of your friendships.

First Date

The first date that you have with this person will not feel as exciting as meeting someone new. This could cause you to feel sad or disappointed.


You are going to be very familiar with this person faults and their quirks. This could cause you to have a feeling that you overlooked things from the friendship.

Getting Along

If you know the family and you don’t get along with them, this can make dating them hard.

Going from Friends to Lovers

There are different things that happen from a friendship to being something more. This doesn’t happen out of nowhere and there are signs that your relationship might be shifting.


You might notice that he is flirting with you more or maybe you are the one that has gained interest. Find out if you think they are flirting, and things are changing direction.

Looking at Each Other

Do you feel like your friend is always looking at you or are you doing it to them? This can be a sign thing are changing.


If you are always contacting each other day and night, this can be a sign they are interested in you and be different than before.

Pet Names

Friends sometimes have different names for each other but if you have a friend and they call you something different and it makes you have butterflies, this can be a sign.

Body Language

Your body language most likely will not lie. You will express your feelings if you pay attention to your body language, even if you don’t want to.


This person might be more important to you than they have ever been. They might be trying to spend more time with you and get to know you more.


If you notice that your friend is getting jealous when you talk to someone else, this can be a sign that they like you.

Friends and Benefits

If you want to make the decision to make your relationship more than just a friendship, you need to pay attention to what you are doing and make sure that you work hard to get what you need out of the relationship.

Open Communication

You and your partner have to learn to communicate and be honest with each other. This is important and you will be able to work through the relationship if you do this.

Be Ready

You need to make sure you are ready for an attached relationship. Being attached emotionally to someone can help you to feel good but if you enter in an arrangement unprepared and you have nothing but a physical connection, it can be a bad thing.

Be Safe

Always be safe when you have sex so that you don’t end up with a disease or with a baby.

Open Heart

Relationships don’t always last forever and you need to know this before you get into a relationship with your friend.

Having Sleepovers

If you want to keep the relationship just friendship, you need to make sure you avoid sleepovers and that you don’t hold each other too much. This can cause you to cross over out of the friend zone.


Do not be clingy to someone and start texting them and talking to them all the time.

When They Meet Someone Else

If you do not end up with your best friend and you have feelings for them, do not be upset when they meet someone else. You have to be happy for them and let them move on.

Remember to Talk

Talking to your friend is the most important part of your relationship. This can be a complicated situation and if you talk to each other, you can work through anything.

Having an open and honest conversation about your feelings is the best thing that you can do if you want to keep your friendship strong or if you want to move towards a different kind of relationship.

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