Friends with Benefits Relationship

Ending a Friends with Benefits Relationship

Have you ever been in a situation here you have had friends with benefits? Did you find that the relationship can be good and happy and that you were able to be friends even after you stopped hanging out?

Some people find that being in a friend with benefit relationship might go on a little too long. This can happen because it can cause people to have strange feelings. If you want to know if your relationship has gone on too long, keep reading.

There are sometimes where these kinds of relationships should never have started. If you find that you want to have sex with someone on a casual basis, but you don’t want to be in love, this could work out but if you are someone that wants to do this because you hope that the guy will soon fall in love with you, this can be a bad situation.

There are some reasons to avoid the friends with benefit situation and even though most of the time this can end up being painful for you, the relationship without string attached can be fun for some people.  This will never work out for you though if you think it will end up being a real relationship.

Are you someone that likes to be in a relationship where there is no string attached? If you are that person, you need to know when this relationship has gone on too long.

Wanting More

Sometimes in a friend with benefits relationship, one or the other will want to have more than just sex. This can be a hard situation when this happens. Do not wait around and see what will happen.

If you are in this kind of relationship and you want to be more serious with the person, you need to talk about it.

What does it mean to talk about it? You talk about this fast so that you do not end up with your heart broken. This is an option if you both feel the same way but if one of you don’t, you need to end the relationship as soon as you can.

Uncomfortable Situation

Some people like having sex with someone that they know but then out of nowhere this can stop. Being with someone that is your friends can make having sex a fun thing and it can cause you to be happy but if you change your mind and you want to start having a more serious relationship, this needs to stop.

Maybe he is having sex with other women and you want him to stop or maybe you want to become a couple. Whatever the situation is, if you are not able to see eye to eye then you need to let the relationship go.

What You Want

If you are missing out on what you want in life because of your casual relationship, you need to move forward in life. Maybe you both want a relationship, but you don’t feel like you are meant to be with the person you are sleeping with.

The problem can be that you are spending too much time hooking up and you are not giving yourself a chance to meet someone to actually love. Even if you both feel the same way, you might have a hard time ending the relationship, but it is a good thing.

Soon you will see that you can both still be friends and then find someone that you want to date as well.

A friend with benefits relationship might end but if you walk away without getting your feelings too involved, you can walk away as friends and keep the friend relationship strong.

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