Fall in Love with a Player

Fall in Love with a Player

Have you ever met that person that you know is just a player and you wonder if they will ever change their ways and be serious about anyone? There are ways to make a player fall in love and one way that you can do that is by activating their hero instinct. The hero instinct is a trigger inside of them that makes them feel more affection to other people than to themselves.

You can use this so that you can make a man fall in love with you, even if he is a player.


One thing with a player is that when they see someone that is pretty, chances are he will make a move. He is used to doing this, but he does not want to be serious with her, he just wants to date her or just find someone to chase of the game. This is why some players will cheat on their girlfriends.

When you want to make a player fall in love with you, you have to start by building up the friendship first. You can do this by finding out what hobbies he has and by taking these hobbies up. If he likes fishing, learn to fish and chances are he might invite you along with him when he goes.

If he likes a certain band or a certain movie star, share a conversation about that subject and this can be a way that you can get to know each other more.

Make sure that when you are talking to him that you flirt and let him know that you are interested because your goal is to be his friend first but you also want him to be attracted to you.

Seduce Him

Then, once you become his friend, find a way to make him fall in love with you. Because this is a player, chances are he has dated a lot of different girls and he is not really ready to settle down and so you have to figure out how to seduce him so that you can show him something different.

This will make him see you different than he does other girls and make him feel obsessed with you. Get dressed up and make sure you show yourself off on social media. Let him know you talk to other guys so that he will feel forced to make you his girlfriend.

Do not post photos that are too revealing or sexy or suggestive but things that are focusing on fun and good looks and then he will see that you would make a good girlfriend and not just a roll in the hay.

Can’t Have

Guys like to play the game and the harder it is to get you, the harder they will try. Make sure that you do not drop everything to do what he asks and make it where you are hard to get.

You should be careful not to sleep with him too soon and you need to let his feelings increase and let him know that you are interested but not easy.

When you see him out, flirt but then go on your way. Play hard to get and show him that you like to have fun and you are smart.

Most men will not get tempted by a woman that texts him drunk or shows too much in her social media profile. Don’t be like the other women he is dating.


Knowing how a player is shows you that they have a list of phone numbers of women that they can call when they want a booty call. If you want your player to fall for you then you have to make sure that you are the one, he is messaging and the one that he hasn’t forgotten when he has forgotten everyone else.

If you want to know how to make someone that is a player to fall in love, then you have to make him think that you are not too available to him. If he thinks you are pretty and he puts you on his list, he might text you here and there but if you let him flirt with you or take you out when he pleases, he will not be that interested because he knows he can get you anytime he wants.

When he messages, don’t message back right away. Have him wondering what you are doing and wondering why you are not hitting on him. Take your time replying to him when he messages you and if he asks you out, tell him you are busy. This will make him want you even more.

You have to be tough to play the game when you play with a player but do not play too hard to get or he will lose interest.


Find your confidence if you want him to fall in love with you. Do not be fake but learn to love who you are and to have confidence in yourself. If you have to fake your confidence, then do this by showing off on social media and then posting pictures when you look good and feel confident towards yourself.

This will cause other men to comment on your posts and will get him seeing you in your best and at your best confidence. Let a player see that you are able to hold your own and do not be clingy with him or upset but be confident and strong.

When you show how confident you are, you will be attractive to him. He might say he isn’t looking for a serious woman so if this is the case tell him that you are dating other guys too. This will drive him crazy and he will soon want to be with you only.

Players aren’t used to women that are strong and show them who is in control. They will instantly put you above other girls and treat you differently than they do other women.


Remember a player is only looking for a good time and so if you are wanting to be committed to him, go slow. We know that players have commitment issues, and this means that they go with many different women.

When your player is interested in you, do not start putting pressure on him or you will drive him away. Stay cool and have fun in the relationship. Keep confident and keep him guessing on what you are going to do next. Chances are, he will fall in love with you.


Keep your feelings hidden for the future. Do not tell him your undying love for him until he says it to you first.  Even if you feel that hiding your feelings is dishonest, you have to understand that you are playing a game. The person that says the feelings first is the one that is the underdog and so you have to wait for him to say it first.

If you are always thinking about marrying him or having kids with him and you tell him that, chances are he will leave you. Just keep being confident and acting normal and he will get the same feelings as you have eventually.


Give your player a time that he will not be able to forget. If you have sex with him, remember he might move to someone new and that is why you need to give it time before you sleep with him.

Once you have won over your player though, you will want to have sex. You can seal the deal with them by giving them the best sex that they ever had. Doing this will make them not ever want to be with someone else again. He will only have eyes for you.

When it comes to sex, make sure you are willing to try new things and always look your best on your date nights. He will do the same thing and will look forward to romantic times with you.

Always have fun with him and be confident when you are in bed together. Be honest with what you like in the bed and this will make you feel closer to each other and will help you stay together longer.


Dating a player might not be the best idea for all women but some of us are very attracted to this kind of man. This kind of man has the chances of breaking our hearts and looking out just for themselves. If you can play your game right though, you can win a player over and turn them from a player to a partner.

Making a player love you is hard but if you follow the tips, chances are this could work out for you and soon you can be walking down the aisle.

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