The reason love alone cannot be enough

The reason love alone cannot be enough

I have seen quite a number of breakups in the past year than any other year. Breakups both the couples involved and I did not see coming. The love in these relationships was still there and strongly present but not enough to make the relationship progress. I believed that love can make anything work and it conquers all, little did I know that love alone cannot be enough. The foundation of that relationship is what matters, not what keeps it going.

There is a likelihood of you loving somebody who isn’t right for you

Someone can’t be right you despite loving them truthfully. You may have similar attributes or different ones such that you can’t really get along. Both of you can be stubborn to even agree and stubborn to end the relationship. Being in love with somebody who is not right for you just brings with its frustrations. You’ll keep blaming each other until one decides to let go.

There is a likelihood of time not being right even if you fancy someone

One of you may not be ready to take the next step despite what you do to make things work. One person may get tired of waiting. One individual might leave everything else if he or she gets that dream job. Regardless of what the reason might be, it’s not easy to schedule a meeting when everything is not okay with you.

The parents of the person you love might get in the way.

Parents still have a say in this generation despite us being independent. You can be in love with each other but if her mom or dad doesn’t approve the relationship then everything is broken. If a relationship is not blessed by the parents, then it’s bound to break.

You can love somebody who needs aid

There is a likelihood of you loving somebody who requires clinical help. All of us are crazy in our own way, but other individuals need therapy and you can’t fix them unless they fix themselves. You can do your best to help them but you still won’t be their medicine. They will destroy that relationship even if they love with all their heart. That relationship will not survive unless they get help.

You can be in love with somebody you can’t control

You can fight 50 times a day but still, love someone. You can be in love with somebody who is ever working. In short, you can love someone who is always on the move. There are times love cannot outdo all these things. Keeping up gets tiring sometimes. When you can’t tell the kind of person you will have to deal with, you can get drained. You can feel like love is not an easy thing even though you need it and love it.

You can be in love with somebody who makes self-love less

It’s ironic that you can be loved with someone until you feel like you don’t love yourself. Love is like a drug; you can’t do without it even though you are aware that it’s killing you slowly. Love will only work if other factors like respect and humility are available to make it grow. Love can’t stand alone, therefore, relationships that are based on the feelings of love are bound to crumble.

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