Getting your crush to like you

Getting your crush to like you

Sometimes you  can pick a guy out of a crowd and suddenly you want to keep him in your life.  If only you had a set of tricks up your sleeve to help keep you on the right track.

First of all, remember that men like a little mystery, so don’t reveal your whole hand at one time.

Next, remember to be honest. No one likes to have the wool pulled over their eyes. It’s ok to embellish a bit to keep the conversation light and moving. But don’t misrepresent yourself.  Don’t say you are outdoorsy if your idea of camping is staying in a hotel that doesn’t have wifi.

Don’t overdress because you want to be seen as a femme fatale. If you are more comfortable in jeans and sneakers, don’t cram yourself into a pencil thin skirt and stiletto  heels. You will be more attractive if you are comfortable, so go for nice pants and flats.  Be yourself.

When you catch his eye, smile. You don’t have to make a spectacle of yourself, but be friendly. Use this is a chance to show him you are interested.

Next, keep him interested with your dazzling smile.  Smiling is the best way to show someone you are interested in them. You will be approachable and  that smile will underscore your interest.

Try the direct approach.  While we can’t read each other’s minds, there are tangible ways to show your crush that you like them.  Try sitting close to him. Lightly touch his arm when you are talking. Speaking of talking, if you have a sense of humor use it when you are talking to him. This conversational trick will create a connection of intellect.

However, try and stay out of the friend zone. This can be tricky because some girls try to turn their friendship into love. It is a good idea, theoretically, but if you linger too long friendship land, you can be stuck there forever.

 Keep some mystery

Don’t feel that you have to tell each other everything. Dropping the hint that you often wear sexy red underwear or have a fetish for licking honey off of your romantic partner will not do you any good.  This will only make them think about how many other people you have been with, which is a turn off.

Do not force chat

If you want to turn a friend into more, don’t nail them down to a conversation. Sometimes silence is good. Give them time to think and leave them wanting more.

While romance and the thrill of the chase is always fun, don’t turn into an obsessive freak.  Don’t stalk him under the guise of wanting to just appear in his life. Be subtle and calm down.

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