How important is age in a relationship

How important is age in a relationship

Over the years unspoken rules have developed regarding an acceptable gap in age while dating. It is perceived as normal to date someone no more than a few years older or younger than you. If you date too young or too old you are considered odd or even predatory. After all of this we are left to wonder, does age really matter?

Your brain’s age matters
Research shows that our brains continue to develop until we are twenty-five. If you are approaching thirty, and you are pursuing a relationship with a twenty year old, you can expect that their ideas will change.  If you are looking towards a long lasting relationship, you will need to consider someone who is at least on the same page as you.

Even more important than age is energy
There is some truth to the saying, “I don’t feel my age” . People can be three different ages-chronological, biological, and psychological. Your chronological ages reflects how long you have been alive.  Biological age is how much you have physically aged.  Your psychological age represents your maturity. These are things to consider when selecting a partner.

Lifestyle, not life experience

Ask yourself do you like doing the same things. This is more important than your age. If you both enjoy competitive roller skating, it doesn’t matter what the age gap is. That is more likely to last than a bookworm pursing a romance with a mountain climber.  And don’t forget that you need to also be openminded, but overall, you need to view the world in a similar way.

Don’t forget the lessons you can learn

If you have found love with someone who was born in a different decade, you can look at the world through their eyes and learn a bit more about the world.  An older person can give a lot of knowledge and experience.  Dating someone younger can help you grow more adventurous throughout the areas of your life.

While love isn’t all you need, it is the most important

The connection you have with a partner is vastly more important than age.Being able to communicate and continue to grow has  much more meaning than the distance between your birthdays. This is the thing that makes relationships last  lifetime.

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