Someone for Each of Us

Someone for Each of Us

Some people believe that there is someone for everyone, but no one really knows if that is true or not.  How do we know if we have met someone that is special for us?  Who is going to be the one that we know is meant for us?  How do we make judgements to know when we meet the perfect person for ourselves?


When you meet someone and date them, you will ask yourself how much you like them.  You will see if you want to spend the future with them.  You are looking for someone with certain characteristics and a partner that will not judge you and will make you a better person.

These tips that we use for ourselves is called satisfying.  This is when we decide who we are looking for and what we will do with it.  The second idea is called maximizing and this is asking ourselves if we can find something better.


When you try to satisfying or maximizing yourself, you are falling into a pattern of questioning your relationship.  You might decide to be with someone so that you can have a long-term relationship, even if you know they are not met for you.  You might also decide the right one is the wrong one and move on from a great relationship.

You have to understand that these can be errors that we make in relationships.  It can be a false or a positive mistake because we are accepting something based on a feeling or an idea.  We are accepting something as true without deciding what effect will happen.  When we choose the right relationship, we might make the error that they are the one when they are not actually the right one for you.  We can also choose to let a partner go that actually might have been the one.

Each time we make these choices, we face some type of consequence, and we miss out on happiness.  We might discover that we picked the wrong person or that we let the wrong person go.  We might judge people based on our emotions rather than who they are.

Our problem is that we are limited in time of finding the right person and so we don’t want to wait, and we want to make an irrational decision.

How Long?

If there is true love, we will know that when we date someone if they are going to be the one for us.

Men are more likely to fall in love when they first meet a woman than a woman is.  Men are attracted by physical beauty and women look in the heart.

Physical appearance represents health and sex.  Women look at other factors in a male such as if they are funny, how they smell, how wealthy they are, what their dreams and ideas are.  There are qualities that men seek that women do not, and vice versa.  This all plays a factor in true love.

The good news is that even if we don’t fall in love right away, we can still find someone to play a part in our lives.  We can meet different people and be satisfied until we meet the perfect person.


Is there someone for everyone?  As long as we can be careful with our judgements and not jump to conclusions, chances are, everyone can find the perfect person for them.  Keep looking and pressing on, and most of all, be patient.

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