10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have

10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have

Finding your soulmate can be defined as finding that one individual who has the right traits, traits that you are comfortable with as an individual. You must find a person who you can tolerate each other.

You need to find someone you will appreciate for as long as you live. Someone who can tolerate all of your sh*ts.

Let us are sincere we all have a lot of sh*ts that our soul mates will have to tolerate. Here are 10 traits your soulmate should have:

  1. They should be very attractive to you

Surely, if you do want to sleep with your partner then why keep them around. There are a lot of reasons to love but sex is definitely one of the most important ones. It doesn’t mean that he has to be a supermodel. No.

that will make 99% of the world very lonely. Whatever you find attractive is your choice. Ensure he  or she has a face you will enjoy seeing every morning for the rest of your life

  1. You should share likes and beliefs, but not on everything.

Having common interests is key to a great relationship. It reduces the number of arguments, which is keys to a relationship and makes life easier for both parties. You don’t always have to engage in things you hate because of him or her.

At the same time, you don’t have to be too similar, it can get really boring. The right soulmate will bring the right balance of new and familiar to your lives.

  1. Your soulmate should open you up to a new side of life

A wonderful life is full of adventures. Making new discoveries is exciting and creates new experiences to look up to. Great soulmates will show you the good side of life, that you never knew existed. Chances are high that the person you end up with is the one who introduces you to a better life

  1. Your soulmate has to love you despite your flaws and imperfections

Everyone has flaws- we are human. We don’t love a person since they are perfect, but rather because they are perfect for you. Most people try to hide their flows during relationships, but it’s not possible. I don’t recommend exposing your flaws on the word go, but you can’t hide your real identity or you will never know if your partner loves the whole of you or just part of you.

  1. Your soulmate must be able to consider your needs before his or hers.

Love is unnatural. It makes us prioritize other people’s needs ahead of ours, which isn’t what evolution teaches us.  The beauty of love is that we begin of depending on each other so much that we feel like one entity, and our partners need to feel like our own.

  1. Your soulmate should be ready to give you all the attention you need.

Different people have different levels of neediness. Personally being on the lighter side of this. However, there are individuals who are very needy and require a hell of attention.

I really don’t find this healthy but again, not my problem. If you are one of those attention seekers then better find someone willing to give you that kind of attention…

  1. Your soulmate wants to experience life with you since they feel life is better with you around.

This is major. There are quite a number of versions of our lives that we could live. If you feel like your life couldn’t be any much better without the person you love, then you have found your soulmate.

Like is a chain of experiences, and can be experienced with either more or less fun. If the person you experience it with gives you memorable moments then you have found the one.

  1. Your soulmate should be willing to lose arguments to keep the relationship intact.

This took me a long time to learn since I really like arguments. Some battles aren’t really worth fighting and most people who love to argue aren’t over solid facts but just opinions.

Opinions are just opinions and everyone is entitled to their own. Avoid the less important arguments and fight over important ones instead, else you will lose whatever you have and that is the only battle worth fighting

  1. You both want to live very similar lives.

We usually don’t consider much the life we want to live when we are younger.

Do you want to travel all the time or stay put? Do you want to be incredibly rich or just comfortable,  do you want kids? How many? All these are factors that affect different parts of our lives.

Some of the important things in our life require a lot of energy and time since we share our lives with another. These things aren’t incredibly important to our lovers because if they are then we are preparing for a disaster.

  1. Your soulmate is loyal and will never part ways with you.

Life can be a bitch. It is capable of making us miserable at times. It can make getting up in the morning and going about our normal day to day activities almost impossible. It can make us angry, stressed, unhappy, moody- and that’s good enough until you begin sharing your life with another.

Can you handle your partner when they are going through rough times? Can your partner handle you? These are the questions we really need to ask ourselves. Loyalty is crucial in a relationship.

Sometimes we lose control of ourselves. Will your lover stick around you through thick and thin?

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