Navigating Waiting for a Relationship Commitment

Navigating Waiting for a Relationship Commitment

Although love takes time, that’s doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a realistic timeline for commitment!  If you feel like the person you love is dragging their feet, we have a few tips for you to consider whether or not it’s time for you to move on from this analysis paralysis.  Like with any situation, there are many factors to consider.  Yet, life is about growth and progression, you don’t want to be stuck waiting for someone to commit to you if they are unable.  Evaluate your standards, values and concerns to better determine who may be your ideal romantic partner.

Look at your communication pattern.  How do you both talk with each other?  Do you feel like you are able to share your innermost thoughts to each other?  Healthy communication skills are essential to any long-term relationship.  Be able to ask, and answer, the tough questions.  Don’t worry about hurt feelings, because avoid difficult topics only become worse or more complicated over time.  Be open and honest about what is important to each of you, and what your intentions are towards each other and your futures.  If one of you has no intentions of a future together, than it will only serve to waste your time.  Pay attention to both what is said and unsaid.  You may discover you both aren’t romantically compatible, but better off as being dear friends.

Believe a person is who they show you.  Actions always speak louder than one’s words.  If someone show’s you that don’t feel loyal to you, believe them!  They may feel uncomfortable tell you a hard truth or what they are thinking, but their subconscious actions will clearly tell you their motives.  Keep in mind inconsistency doesn’t always mean disinterest, instead it might indict a need for more self-growth.  Emotionally maturity takes times.  This doesn’t mean you should wait around for them, instead discuss and set limits for your relationship.  This means you might need to walk away from the relationship for a while until they are ready to commit to you.

Let intuition guide your love game plan.  Love doesn’t always play by the rules or a set timeline.  Take a step back and see the situation objectively to determine the right path forward.  Each day you get new opportunities for blessings, lessons and self-growth.  Sure, you should consider aspects like your history or spiderweb of thoughts and emotions, but after a lengthy period of time together you should be able to have a firm commitment in the relationship.  If you can’t sense that this person shares your loyalty or vision for a future union, then stop wasting your precious resources on them.  Relationships shouldn’t feel like they are taking forever to get to the next stage.  If you aren’t getting the love you deserve, then respect your self-worth and consider walking away.

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