How to Make Someone Like You

How to Make Someone Like You

If you are looking to try to get someone to like you in a romantic way or as a friend, there are some ways that you can do this. There are some psychological secrets that you can do to make someone like you more.

Liking someone can be some of the best things that happen to you in your life and this does not just mean romantically. It is a good feeling to know that someone likes you back just like you like them but when they don’t, it can hurt your feelings or break your heart. No matter if this is a friend or someone that you have a crush on, when you want someone to like you, you might need to take the situation over on your own.

There are ways that you can make someone like you, and this is not about asking them if they do, but this will be something that you can do without directly talking to them.

This is for anyone that you want to make like you more from a friendship to romance or from a co-worker to a friend. If you want someone to like you more, here are some ways you can make that happen.


Smile at someone that you want to like you more. Smiling and being happy makes people comfortable and makes them want to be around you more. If you are a boss at work and you want your employees to like you more, smile at them a lot.


Make contact with people in your life and learn to be familiar with them. You can do this by letting them know that you want to be around them or just showing up. This doesn’t have to be physical, just see them face to face.


People love to hear secrets. Do this without gossiping and share things like you would with a friend. This will show them how much you like and trust them.


Find things about yourself and talk about things that are interesting. People will want to be around you if you aren’t boring and they will be interested in talking to you.


Find things to do that are memorable. People will like you when you are positive, and they will want to make time to be around you. If you want to make a good impression on someone, do something spontaneous and memorable.


Find someone that like the same things that you like. If they like pizza, get pizza at work. Invite them to the movies or to a night out listening to bands.


People love others that are honest. Be honest and open and people will want to be around you and they will be more truthful with you.

Share Complements

People love to be complemented. If you want someone to want to be around you, say nice things about them.


Be positive as much as you can. This will not be something that you can do all the time but do your best. Even when things seem bad, try to be positive.

Take Care of You

Take care of yourself, be clean and be the best you can be, and people will want to be around you more.

Be Yourself

There is nothing better than being yourself. If you want to have better friends or romance, be who you are.

Physical Contact

If you want to be romantic with someone, try to touch them like rubbing their shoulders or rubbing their leg. Having a little physical contact can show them that you like them.


Everyone will have a different opinion than you and this does not mean that you should always want to argue with them. Learn to have good conversations without being argumentative.


Never get jealous when someone isn’t around you.


If you want someone to be romantic with you, show them affection and be irresistible.

Body Language

Make sure that your body language is telling people that you want to be around them.

Mirroring Them

Your actions of mirroring can show people that you want to be around them. If they cross their arms, do the same if they tell a joke, do the same.


Be confident in your relationship and show people who you are and how confident you are.


Be passionate about what you believe in and share your values with others. There are many people that will feel the same way as you do.


Show appreciation to people around you and treat them the way that you want to be treated.

Eye Contact

When you want someone to like you back, look them in the eyes when you talk to them. Always make eye contact and they might fall in love.

Welcome Them

Be welcoming to people. Host a party in your home or be welcoming at work. Learn to welcome people in your life at all times and not to be standoffish.


There is nothing better than giving your attention to someone. This is a simple way to show someone that you like them.

Be There

Someone will need you to be there for them and if you like them or care about them then you need to be there for them when they need you. This will show them that you love them or like them.

Be Yourself

You will have a lot of attractive traits, so you need to be the real you. You might not think people can like you, but they can.


If you like someone or you want to build a better friendship, use this guide to help you make better decisions and to make people want to be around you. This is away that you can find happiness and that you can make other people happy.

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