10 Traits of Truly, Incredibly Desirable Woman

10 Traits of Truly, Incredibly Desirable Woman

A lot of single people spend way too much time wondering what they could do to become more attractive to the opposite sex. This is especially true for women in their 20s and 30s who have yet to find a husband. There are plenty of time on those dateless Saturday nights to wonder where you have gone wrong and what you need to change to make yourself desirable.

While self analyzation is usually never a bad thing, constant self-doubt could be sending you into a perpetual cycle of lonliness. The truth is you may already have plenty of traits that make you desirable! Don’t believe me, below are 10 of the top traits that make for a desirable woman.


Sure, some men don’t like this because they may feel left out but a healthy dose of independence is a good thing. It shows confidence and takes pressure off the guy. An independent woman fascinates men and offers them a challenge in capturing your heart.

However, it can be detrimental if you overdue it to the point that men feel like you don’t need anyone. Everyone likes to feel needed sometimes. While men like the challenge of the chase, they eventually do want to know they have made progress in winning you over.

There is a story about two young women and a young man who went hiking. One woman hoped to impress this man by being incredibly independent. She didn’t need any help at all. The other one twisted her ankle. The guy carried her back to the car and drove her home. Sometimes, a little vunerability is also a good thing.

You Don’t Chase

Mothers back 40 or 50 years ago never let daughters call boys. They said the boy should do the chasing. That is true. Those who chase after men appear desperate and actually drive men away because they fall into the crazy zone.

No Gossip for You

Most men hate women who gossip and backstab others. That is so petty and immature and brings unnecessary drama into situations that men don’t want to handle.

You Are Honest

Men are looking for women they can trust. Being an honest person who is easy to talk to puts you on a high desirability list. Honesty and trust are two of the foundations for a solid relationship so it ranks high on a priority list for most people.

You Accept Yourself

Women who know how to live in their own skin with all their vast array of talents and personality differences show a confidence that automatically attracts men. That doesn’t mean you are perfect, you just know who you are and love yourself completely flaws and all.

You Don’t Demand Attention

Women who don’t have to be in the limelight will draw men’s attention. There are many reasons for this, but the primary one is this demonstrates they aren’t self-absorbed. They can stand back and let others shine and be happy.

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice honor and respect due you. You can still shine in your own way but it means you aren’t always seeking to be center stage.

You Don’t Get Lost in Relationships

This is a tricky one. Men do like women who stretch their boundaries to enjoy some of what they like to do. Learning the rules of football, watching NASCAR or even skeet shooting shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibilities. At the same time, men really want women to keep up with their own lives and interests.

Women who don’t get lost in their man’s world are the type of women men want. Men don’t want to be responsible for a woman’s daily life and having your own interests keeps conversations interesting.

Good Emotional Management

This is a high priority for men because, let’s face it, women have the overall reputation for hopping on the crazy train sometimes. Some women are great at holding back until all the information is in or are disciplined in their tone in discussing an unpleasant situation. Men love this.

Men like to settle things quickly and with as little discussion or emotions as possible. Look at their interactions with other men. They don’t often seek deep conversations and typically can settle disputes over a beer. Once women get this and can temper their emotions to settle issues this way, they will find more men will seek them out.

High  Intelligence

Men like an intelligent woman for two reasons. First, they fascinate them. Intelligent women are usually great conversationalists because they know a lot of stuff to talk about. Men like the challenge and are up for learning more to spare with these type of women in discussions.

The second reason is more pratical. Men believe the more intelligent a woman is, the more money she will make. That means there is less stress on him to have the life he wants. That’s ok as long as they don’t see that as an easy pass for them to avoid working hard.

Communication Is Your Gift

Knowing how to communicate is a plus for any relationship and life in general. It helps foster ideas and spurs others to also share feelings. There is another advantage.

Understanding and implementing good communication skills makes other people feel good about themselves. Those who don’t interrupt, listen to others and respond to what others are saying show others that they matter and that their opinions are important. Men notice women who know how to do this because it makes them feel more important. Everyone likes an ego boost.

Whether you possess some or all of these traits, you can always learn how to implement them more into your life. Just because you don’t naturally have some of these skills doesn’t mean you are a lost cause. It is always a good idea to improve yourself to make yourself more valuable in your career and more desirable to others. That will, in turn, help improve your love life.

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