Falling in love as a single parent

Falling in love as a single parent

There are over ten million single parents in the United  States who are rearing over twenty million children.. This means that approximately twenty six percent of children under the age of twenty-one are in single parent homes.

That is a lot of parent without partners and a lot of people who are faced with the challenges of finding a new love.

Out of time

One of the biggest challenges a single parent can face is finding time for themselves.  This makes it practically impossible to find time to purse a romantic relationship, when they can’t find time to take a bubble bath or get a cup of coffee.  Think about it, after a hard day at work, a single parent goes home to cook dinner,  help with homework or at the very least make sure everyone is still healthy and happy. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for romance.

Lack of confidence

Falling in love as a single parentAnother barrier to romance is that many single parents do not have any self-confidence. This rings very true for single mothers who spend most of their free time with their kids and very little time on themselves.  They may feel that they are not worthy of love and they may be still facing the self-esteem issues they had when they became a mother.  This may require a visit to therapist help get to the bottom of the problems so that they can get this negative thinking about of the way.

It’s a package deal

Anyone dating a single parent has to know that they are also dating the family.  It’s a simple as that. The kids are part of the package.  Single parents need to make sure their romantic partners are on board to care for  the kids as well.  This can be very complicated but it is something to consider.

Energy or lack thereof

Single parents will happily tell you that having a child can help streamline the dating process. This is because since you don’t have as much time to date, you have to make the most out of each outing.  And, because time is at a premium, they need a partner who understands that. This partner also needs to know that a single parent’s energy is also limited. These requirements eliminate anyone who isn’t serious.

Introducing the new friend

Children are not always ready or willing to meet their parent’s new friend.  The child may be upset or angry.  If they act out in an uncontrollable way, you should reach out to a family counselor. You may want to consult a child therapy professional on the best way to introduce a new friend into the family dynamic.  This would be a great time to explain how people love each other in different ways and that nothing can rob a parent of their love for their child.


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