“You’re too independent for him…” And Other Agonizingly Awful Relationship Rationalizations

Raise your hand if someone has ever told you that you are too independent and that’s why the guy you were dating broke up with you. Raise your hand if you have heard that your breakup was due to the fact that he was intimidated by you.. Raise the roof if you were told that your relationship ended because you’re too pretty for him… By now, I’m assuming that most of you sexy singletons have run out of hands (I know I have). The list of relationship rationalizations goes on and on. and on.. and on… And you know what? The items on the list are the reasons why we strong, sexy singletons are such a great catch. Instead of letting those qualities make us re-think our strength and successes, we should take those rationalizations, make a list of our fabulous features and allow them to increase our self-esteem, instead of allowing them to make us doubt our achievements.

Independence versus codependence? Which would you choose?!

This advice is coming to you from a sexy singleton who is studying psychology. In the hallowed halls of my graduate learning institution (yes, I’ve been in institutionalized lately, but not in the way you may have originally thought… ), I have learned much about inferiority complexes and low self-esteem that affects the choices we make, especially when picking a partner.


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