First Kiss

Ahh, the first kiss. Well, not that first kiss, I mean the first kiss after a breakup. Ahh, that first kiss!
In the past few months, I’ve had dates, dirty dances and furious flirtations with some pretty interesting guys. But it was only last week that I worked up to that first kiss. It was a hot, steamy night at a private party in Cosmopolitan City. Who showed up? A former colleague with whom I had sparked in the past. This was not our first makeout session (we had given coworkers an eyeful a few years ago at a private party…). We had always flirted and there had always been an attraction. After spending some time catching up, we took the time to reminisce about that last makeout session. Before I knew it, we were at it again. It was hot. It was passionate. It came at just the right time.
Over the past few months, I had lost my mojo. I wasn’t terribly concerned, as it seemed relevant to the situation at hand. I have wondered, more recently, when I was going to get my mojo back. I typically have a high sex drive and was surprised at how long I was able to function with no feeling between my belly button and my knees. Recently, that ‘no entry’ zone of mine has become more of an ‘enter with caution’ zone. Pretty soon, if I get going enough, that ‘enter with caution’ zone might become a ‘no exit’ zone!

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