Weird Ways to Know You Have Met Your Soulmate

Weird Ways to Know You Have Met Your Soulmate

When you have a relationship that ends, you don’t know if you have made a good choice or if you pushed someone away that was meant to be with you. Breaking up with someone that you like can be hard, but the good thing is, there are ways that you can know if your ex is your soulmate or not.

Your ex is your ex for a reason, and this probably means that you were in a toxic relationship or that you had values or ideas that were not the same. This means that chances are that you had a different version of your relationship in your head and that you were accepting it but not realizing it was wrong for you. Remember, there is no perfect soulmate and if you give yourself plenty of time, you will find someone that you can connect with.

The relationship probably didn’t end for a silly reason but maybe you cannot get it out of your head. If you feel that you ended the relationship for bad reasons, talk to your ex and look back and make sure that you aren’t missing something before you completely let go. Have the courage to tell your ex how you feel.

If you choose not to reach out to them or if they have hooked up with someone else, or they don’t want to get back together with you, go ahead and catch up here and there if you want to because you will feel powerful to know that you are listening to your heart.

If you have broken up with someone that you think is your soulmate, think about how they speak to you when you think of them and find out if giving your ex another chance is a good idea. Maybe they are the one for you after all.

Here are some signs you might have broken up with your soulmate:


You know you have a good connection with someone when you have a deep connection that is strong and powerful. If you had this connection, you might have met your soulmate.

Life is hard to understand but your soulmate will understand you and know exactly who you are. They will finish your sentence when you talk to them and they will always make you feel that you are hanging out with your best friend.

Sense of Humor

If you have the same sense of humor as your friend, you will have a great relationship that you might have let go. Nothing is better than being happy and being able to laugh and giggle at the things going on. When you spend the evening watching movies together or laughing at each other’s jokes, this is someone that you get.

Having a great sense of humor can be more than laughing, this can also mean that you have a strong bond that can help to heal you in your mind and emotions.

Laughing is one way that you can stop an argument and learn to be positive in your life. If your ex has made you feel this way, they might be your soulmate.

Something Little

Second guessing your breakup might mean that you are thinking that you ended the relationship over silly reasons or that you ended it prematurely.

When you have a reason to break up with someone, the circumstances seem to be there longer than you want them to be but when you break up, they are no longer there. Did you break up after an argument?

Some relationships are meant to come to an end and should never get back together but if you cannot stop thinking about your ex and you feel that the breakup was not a good reason, maybe it wasn’t meant to end.

Sex Life

Having great sex can make a relationship that is good even better. It can change how you think about things and if you were with your soulmate, chances are that you had strong chemistry with them.

An amazing sex life should be thought about when you are going to break up with someone because this is something that can be hard to find in other relationships.

Same Feelings

When you were with your ex, you had these feelings that were good and seemed perfect. When you broke up though, and even if you dated again, you do not have the same feelings that you had with them.

Does this sound like your life? Think about what was going on in your relationship and find out if this person made you happier than other people.

Sometimes, when you have someone in your past, you will miss them. There is a difference between looking back and reminiscing about a relationship than there is to really feel that you missed out on being with your soulmate.


This person might have made you feel at peace and they might have given you a calm. This person probably made you have a relaxed heart and made you feel less worried about life. They might be someone that makes you feel that you are at home and they stand out more than other people in your life.

Peace isn’t something that is always easy to find, it can mean that you had someone in your life that matched your energy and never made you be someone that you weren’t. This person might have been leading you to the right direction and that is why everything probably felt so good.

Peace is hard to get in a relationship and you have to put effort into it. Having a soulmate should make you feel that your life is smooth and going well.


Relationship are both good and bad and soulmate relationships are never going to be perfect. You probably thought that things seemed hard, but the hard part was that you were just going through relationship situations with someone that was close to you. Even when your days were bad, you were able to face the problems together and work through them.

You had each other’s backs, and you were always on the same team, even when things were not going so smoothly with you. Couples are often against each other and things get worse when there is trouble at home, but you were not that way and you and your soulmate worked things through.


When you look back on your relationship, you can see that you and your soulmate respected each other. You would support each other’s careers and you were there to believe in each other. You had a foundation that was built on nothing, but trust and you were so close that you knew what they were thinking.

Respect is something that is hard to get and when you meet your soulmate, you have to know that it is built on trust and respect. These are things that you can continue to build on in all relationships but with a soulmate connection, you will have this respect without having to beg for it.


Your soulmate probably made you feel that you were alive and happy. They are made up of energies that match yours and some people will have the same energies that make the relationship feel good.

It is hard to understand what was going on and how they made you feel and sometimes it even felt like you were dreaming. This made your day better and made you feel excited for what was coming up.

This feeling happens when you care for each other and you respect each other. You learn to know them and feel for them in a special way. If you haven’t felt that way since, you might need to go back to that relationship.

Time Stopped

Did you feel that time was forever when you were with your ex? Did you feel that you had a deep future and that when you were together, it would be hours and only seem like minutes?

Strange things might have happened to you if you were with your soulmate such as time feeling like it is stopping and you always being there for your soulmate. Most people live in the past but having a soulmate made you always present.


Another thing that was important in your soulmate relationship was that they made you feel safe and secure. This can mean they would protect you no matter what is going on and they always cared about your interest.

This should always be true when you are with someone. If your ex was someone that you were safe with, chances are you were able to let your insecurities out for them to take care of you and help you through them.

When you think about the points above, it might be a chance to reflect on if your ex was your soulmate or not? Maybe you need to look at your life now and see if you can move on and meet someone that will feel the same or if you should go back and give your soulmate another chance?

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