Becoming Girlfriend Material

Becoming Girlfriend Material

Do you ever feel that you are not able to find someone and you are just being used for your body? When you have found that you have tried dating people and you have found no one that has shown you must interest, chances are your pride and feelings will be affected.

If you have had a crush on someone and you have not been able to get the interactions that you want, nothing may ever come from it.

Why is it hard to find someone that will want to really get to know you? When you are modest in your life, how you dress, how you carry yourself, how you speak and all of those things, people will see you as smart and attractive. You might still feel that you are not good enough because nothing ever seems to go further than physical attraction.

The problem is that guys have a hard time hitting on girls. They will feel that they need to figure out how to be more than friends but sometimes it is hard because guys are sight oriented and want to have sex with someone, they are with.

Even though this is hard, you can get the opportunity to be confident and to show guys that they are catching a prize when they get with you.

It is important that you are with someone that is emotional with you and is not going after other things. They need to be committed for who you are and not just your body. Having sex does not make you committed.

If you find that your guy is cheating or will cheat, you need to let them go.

Here are some ways to become girlfriend material:

Dating Apps

Get rid of your dating apps. Guys that want sex will often go on these sites looking for someone to be with. Do not accept dick pics from them.

Hanging Out

Find guys to hang out with and be with him and his friends. See if they approve of you.


Do not have sex with him right away. Make him want you for who you are and not just for your body. Do not have someone that just wants to stick around for sex.


Talk about your dreams and goals and not about sex. When he wants to talk about it, change the subject.

Older Guys

Find guys that are over 25 to date. The guys that are in this age category are looking more to settle down and not just for sex. Find some people that are interested in being in a committed relationship and go for them.


Be confident in who you are. Know that you are more than just sex and make him see that losing you is a bad thing.


Go on exciting dates and do different things. Eat places you have never been and do things on your bucket list. Make the date fun and exciting.

When you are putting on the vibe that you are just out for sex, this will draw the wrong kind of people to you. Learn to connect with men that are interested in who you are and what you are all about. Get rid of guys that just want sex and have more respect for who you are.

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