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Has Anyone Seen My Vagina?

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Sadly, the answer to that question is… No.
Sadder, still, is the fact that not even my aesthetician has seen it lately. Mmm hmm… I’ve even given up on my regular maintenance schedule. Instead of looking like a Brazilian babe, I’m looking more like a hirsute horror!
I’m afraid that I might have to hire a private investigator to locate my formerly-loved lady parts, love life and libido. What brought on this desire to wax nostalgic (well, let’s face it, I haven’t been waxing much of anything lately!)?

Has anyone else out there had to hire a private eye to find their private parts?

Saddest of all is that Valentines Day 2013 marked the last time I used my vagina. It’s really the last time I saw my love life and libido. Now, I have to qualify that I was dating a dud last year, who sadly did not allow me to maximize my mojo due to the lackluster loving, but still… It has been almost a looooooong year since I got laid.

Having a vagina and not using it is like a man owning a luxury car and not driving it. Or having a motorcycle and not riding it.. Or having a dick and not sticking someone with it…

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