Things to Expect from a Woman that Knows Her Worth

Things to Expect from a Woman that Knows Her Worth

If you are looking for the right partner, you will understand what you are worth and once you figure this out, you will not accept anything less than what you want.  You will refuse to settle with anything that comes in your path and you will only work to have the relationship that you want.

Decent Man

You will never want to put up with someone that is indecent.  You are a human being that is kind to others, and you deserve to be treated well.  You will not allow anyone to step on your feelings and you will not settle for less than you want in life.


Sometimes our relationships lack one important thing, high standards.  You will no longer sell yourself short and you will find a partner that respects you or they won’t be allowed to hang around.


You will demand your partner to be considerate and to help take care of you.  Don’t allow them to ignore your basic needs.  If they do, walk away.

Give You Attention

Women want men to pay them attention.  You can be independent and have a full life and get attention.  You deserve to have both.


At some point in our lives we all forget that we deserve to be treated kindly.  We don’t understand that we are worthy to be valued and that we should require a partner that gives us compassion and shows us kindness.


Do not fall for someone that tells lies and that does not respect you.  Demand transparency in your relationship and make them treat you the way you treat them.


If you want to hide your feelings, this is no real relationship.  Find a man that is mature enough to grow with you. Don’t spread yourself wide open but find someone that will share your openness.


Find a man that will keep you laughing.  Laughing is important in all relationship.  Find a special person that makes you laugh each day.


You might be complicated and beautiful, and you might be hard to understand sometimes, but find a man that will take time to figure you out.  Let them learn to peel away your layers and get to know you.


Some relationships are heavy, and you need one that is calm.  Find one that will bring you joy in darkness and one that will allow you to have good times and to be balanced.


Require someone that makes you feel important and that doesn’t belittle you or make you feel bad.  You should always feel safe and loved.


If you have had bad relationships, you will know that they are cold.  Find a partner that can be deep with you and can bring fire to the relationship.  You want to have passion.


Make sure that you are with someone that you can talk to and communicate with.  You should be able to be truthful and to sit down and talk together all the time.  If you feel that you cannot communicate, chances are they are not right for you.


Find someone that is willing to understand and to compromise their time and life with you.  You need to have a loving and healthy relationship that is built on trust and compromise in all situations.


Make sure that you have the right match and that you fit together like a puzzle.  If you have been through things and you are still able to bond and have a physical and mental match, that is a good sign.

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