Patio Party Makeout Madness

Generally, I much prefer hanging on patios associated with bars, as opposed to friends’ patios, as there is much more opportunity to meet someone when out and about versus hanging out on someone’s balcony. However, it’s always a pleasant surprise when a new friend or associate drops by unexpectedly, isn’t it?! What was supposed to be girls night on the patio turned into a full-fledged session of patio party makeout madness for me!

When the gentleman in question (we’ll call him The Model cuz, well, that’s what he did and let me tell you, I’ve never had a desire to date a model!) showed up, I realized we’d met a long time before. When he used to be married. Having gone through an ugly divorce with a psychologically problem-plagued woman, he was out and on the prowl. Given that it was supposed to be girls night, I was dressed casually. Given that it was over forty degrees that day, I was one seriously sweaty singleton. I was feeling about as sexy as a melting pool of personal sloth, so I was not exactly in the mood

Makeout Madness with a model? Who knew! …

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