Living Your Own Life

Living Your Own Life

When you are in a relationship, you might feel that you need to be with that person all the time.  This is fun at first but later, you will see that you get tired of being around someone all the time.  You need time to breath and time to have fun by yourself.

It is hard to hang out with your friends or to do well at your work when you are hanging out with someone all the time.  Even if your boyfriend is important to you, you still need to have your own identity and to be your own person.  Here are some ways you can strengthen the relationship.

Spend time On Your Own

Find hobbies that you like that your boyfriend doesn’t like and let him do the same.  Even though you want to find things you like to do together, find things you like to do separate as well.  Try yoga or swimming.

Take Time Out

If you live with your boyfriend, make sure you have time alone.  Go for a walk or take a long bath.  Encourage him to have time alone as well to watch tv or to play video games.

You might want to take time to go on mini vacations with your family or friends without your boyfriend.


Take time to meditate alone and to allow yourself to relax each day.  Find a place to be calm and quiet for a while by yourself so you can get your thoughts together.

Make Plans

Make plans without your boyfriend.  Go to the mall with your friends and go to the beach.  Make sure that you have plans with him as well but take time without him too.

Take a Tech Break

Turn off your phone and watch tv or relax.  You do not have to constantly text your man if you aren’t with him.  Take time for yourself and give him time for himself as well.

Have a Life Besides the Relationship

Spend time with your family and friends and call and text them regularly.  Spend times updating them about your relationship but spend most of your time worrying about them and how they are doing.

Don’t forget to ask them what is going on in their life as well.

Make Other Friends

Try to go places where you can meet new people such as the gym or church.  You will find that there are a lot of people that are looking to make new friends.

Make friends that you and your boyfriend can hang out with and some that you can hang out with alone.


Pay attention to your family and check on them often.  Make sure that you know when their birthdays are and call them and see them during those times.  Spend the holidays with them.


Do not give up your job because you have a boyfriend.  Go to work each day and leave a little late in the evening.  Keep notes in meetings and stay on top of things.

If you are in school, keep up with your work and be on time.

Set Personal Goals

Make sure you have goals that do not have to do with your boyfriend.  Set goals for your career and for your short term such as going to the gym every day that week.

Have a Good Relationship

Make sure that you have a good relationship with your boyfriend.  Have respect and be honest with each other.

Make sure you communicate well and that you are able to control your anger.  Work together and have a good sexual relationship.


Communicate what you need with each other and try to figure out how to trust each other.  Forgive each other and love each other.

Check on Them

Check on your boyfriend each day and ask them if they are happy and what you need to work on.


Make sure you keep boundaries and if you feel like things are going bad then talk about it.  Do not cross the boundaries with each other.

Encourage Him to Have Friends

Make sure he has friends as well.  Get him to hang out with them and to go out of the house and have fun.


Remember that your relationship is just a part of your life and not your whole life.  Take time for yourself and your relationship will be much healthier.

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