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“You’re too independent for him…” And Other Agonizingly Awful Relationship Rationalizations

Raise your hand if someone has ever told you that you are too independent and that’s why the guy you were dating broke up with you. Raise your hand if you have heard that your breakup was due to the fact that he was intimidated by you.. Raise the roof if you were told that your relationship ended because you’re too pretty for him… By now, I’m assuming that most of you sexy singletons have run out of hands (I know I have). The list of relationship rationalizations goes on and on. and on.. and on… And you know what? The items on the list are the reasons why we strong, sexy singletons are such a great catch. Instead of letting those qualities make us re-think our strength and successes, we should take those rationalizations, make a list of our fabulous features and allow them to increase our self-esteem, instead of allowing them to make us doubt our achievements.

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Patio Party Makeout Madness

Generally, I much prefer hanging on patios associated with bars, as opposed to friends’ patios, as there is much more opportunity to meet someone when out and about versus hanging out on someone’s balcony. However, it’s always a pleasant surprise when a new friend or associate drops by unexpectedly, isn’t it?! What was supposed to be girls night on the patio turned into a full-fledged session of patio party makeout madness for me!

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Finally – a show with a premise this near and dear to my heart has arrived in theatres!
The Second City in Los Angeles has added a new show that is relevant to all sexy singletons called “Undateable.” Enough said!
According to the press release, the show is:

“In a nutshell: The cast did a photo shoot and posted 38 “Undateable” profiles on OK Cupid across the country and tracked the results. The show is the results of months of research of REAL people talking to FAKE characters. A scientific experiment about the online search for love. The show features multimedia, original music, and real life characters transferred from the online world to the stage. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.” Click here to meet the comical cast.

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We’re #3!

Well, it’s not quite #1, but it’s really, really close!
Our friends at datingadvice.com, who clearly rock exquisite taste, have named carrieblogshaw.com as one of the 10 Best Single Dating Blogs! Click here to see the magnificent mention!
I think my readers and I should raise a glass and celebrate, as I always knew we were prize-winning sexy singletons!

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Relationtip:  Catcalls

Okay guys, seriously…
The catcall I received today has inspired me to educate men as to the success rate of this creepy callout. Oh, and it’s not just me who feels this way… This goes for all women – believe me.

Today, while innocently pumping gas after a blissful yoga class, I was accosted with a cloying catcall. A (pot-bellied, slovenly) middle-aged man in a (dirty) wifebeater got out of his thumping, heaving truck and started panting heavily. So heavily that it could be heard over the badgering beats. All of a sudden, I hear: “Look at you, working that pump, eh? I’d like to pump you.” Nice. That’s exactly the kind of pick up I go for.

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