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Finally – a show with a premise this near and dear to my heart has arrived in theatres!
The Second City in Los Angeles has added a new show that is relevant to all sexy singletons called “Undateable.” Enough said!
According to the press release, the show is:

“In a nutshell: The cast did a photo shoot and posted 38 “Undateable” profiles on OK Cupid across the country and tracked the results. The show is the results of months of research of REAL people talking to FAKE characters. A scientific experiment about the online search for love. The show features multimedia, original music, and real life characters transferred from the online world to the stage. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.” Click here to meet the comical cast.

This is the social experiment of a lifetime as it relates to the dilemmas, drama and potential disasters of dating. I have often wondered what is wrong with my dating profile and why I end up attracting the same salesmen, cheats and liars all the time (well, okay, not all the time… sometimes I meet axe murderers, too!). Are you Undateable? Take the quiz to find out how Undateable you may be based on the not-so-comely character your profile might resemble.
Once you know what you’re doing wrong, make the necessary changes to start meeting more charmers! Apparently, I had set up my profile in the style of an obnoxious, obtuse and perhaps overbearing man, so I have to go now as I have a lot of work to do… My experiences in online dating clearly dictate that I must update my profile to become less like the dastardly dudes I’ve been attracting lately. If you’re in the LA area, I highly suggest going to see the show. I’m booking my flight right now. The unbelievably understandable and really relatable Undateable cast reinforce the fact that dating is best handled with a healthy and hearty sense of humour!

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