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All I Want For Christmas Is…

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… A normal boyfriend!
I have so many wonderful things in life, such as a field of study that I love, a blog with which to air my thoughts on all aspects of dating, mating and relating, a fabulous family (well, most of the time), a satisfying support group of sexy singleton pals, I am able to pursue my passions and I even have my two front teeth. The only thing that’s missing is a normal boyfriend.
Santa has brought me many men in the past. He has bestowed upon me a motley crew consisting of The Alcoholic Workaholic, Superman, Mr. Hello Wall and my generous gift from last year, Big Daddy. I was grateful each time that Santa remembered what I asked for, however it seems that he didn’t get all of the specifications right. Kinda like sending me the toy I wanted except that it was broken
This year, Santa, could you please bring me another man but this time could he please not possess any of the testy traits that the last few have? Could you manage to fit his broad shoulders down the chimney or drop him off on the front lawn so that I don’t have to search Cosmopolitan City high and low to find him?? Could he please be tall, dark and handsome and be kind, emotionally available and mature???
Santa, I’ve been looking for love for many, multiple, maddening, melancholy-inducing years. This year, please hear me and understand that I am looking for the total package. Like me! I appreciate what has landed in my lap in the past (heh!), however this year I do not want to have to use the ‘Oops! So Sorry Santa Seriously Screwed Up’ return or exchange policy!

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